Ontario Veterinary College cancer research featured in The Globe and Mail

OVC cancer researchers Drs. Paul Woods and Byram Bridle spoke to Globe and Mail science reporter Ivan Semeniuk about various cancer research collaborations with the University of Guelph, University Toronto, McMaster University and others.

This work could lead to advancements in cancer treatment options to benefit both pets and people.

“The philosophy is that if therapies can work in the companion-animal populations, they have a much better chance of successfully translating into humans,” says Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist at the Ontario Veterinary College at University of Guelph.

The article also examines the important contributions of OVC Pet Trust and the significance of the Mona Campbell Centre for Animal Cancer:

The idea that discoveries meant to improve animal health could also translate into extending and saving human lives is a powerful motivator for those who donate to facilities such as the Mona Campbell Centre, says Kim Robinson, managing director of Pet Trust, a fundraising arm of the Ontario Veterinary College that channels donations toward animal health. “The commonality among all our donors is that they love their pets,” Robinson says. “But if the advances we can make in animal medicine are going to help people, then it’s a win-win. Everybody wants to fight this disease.”

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