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Spring/Summer 2024 Issue of Best Friends Magazine

We are pleased to share the latest edition of Best Friends magazine, the pet magazine of the Ontario Veterinary College.

In this issue, learn about new and exciting developments at OVC that benefit pets and the people who love them. Find out how OVC Pet Trust supporters and donors are contributing to improved health and well-being for our beloved companion animals!

A woman holding a grey cat and a man cuddling with a black, white and tan-coloured dog

The Challenge Behind Addressing Pet Obesity in Veterinary Clinics

Research shows that a cat or dog that maintains its ideal body weight is less likely to experience chronic ailments such as diabetes, joint or mobility issues and may have a longer lifespan compared to pets with obesity. Yet, according to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, between 50 and 60 percent of pets in Canada are currently overweight or obese.