Run an Event

OVC Pet Trust Awareness Events

Thank you for expressing interest in hosting an OVC Pet Trust Awareness Event. We are very excited to have the opportunity to celebrate your support with your clients in the comfort of your hospital.

Typically your clients will only learn that you support OVC Pet Trust after they’ve lost their beloved pet. Hosting an OVC Pet Trust Awareness Event enables you to promote your philanthropic support of an important organization that is investing in the future of veterinary medicine right there, in your clinic.

This is a great opportunity to both promote your loyal support of OVC Pet Trust and to collect donations in support of the Pet Trust from your clients.

We supply:

  • OVC Pet Trust literature to illustrate what we’re doing to help improve companion animal health care.
  • A table top, stand up banner to promote the Pet Trust Awareness Event.
  • OVC Pet Trust tote bags for your clients.
  • OVC Pet Trust emergency window clings for your clients.
  • Orientation/Education for your staff (or any part of it) so they can confidently answer questions about OVC Pet Trust.
  • Drop off and Pick up of all material.

You supply:

  • The space to display the material in your reception.
  • Willingness to accept donations from your clients in support of OVC Pet Trust.
  • Offering an OVC Pet Trust tote bag to each client in return for a donation.
  • An estimate of the number of clients you typically see during that period of time.
  • Your enthusiasm.

An OVC Pet Trust Awareness Event can be hosted for any length of time that works in your hospital. Whether it’s for a month, 2-weeks or even 1-week or at your next open house, we’d be very excited to help you promote your support of OVC Pet Trust to those who matter most – your clients.

Please contact Kim Robinson, Managing Director, OVC Pet Trust at or at 519-824-4120 x 54454.