Transcript - Daisy's Story

[Words appear on the bottom left corner of a black screen that read “University of Guelph” along with the U of G cornerstone.] 


[Soft, instrumental music plays. Black screen disappears to reveal a clip of the sun peeking out of the clouds during sunset.] 


Daisy's owner says: “It was just one of those odd days that it was incredibly hot and humid.”  


[Daisy's owners are shown sitting on a couch in their home with their dog Daisy.]


First we didn't realize how serious it was, but it became evident pretty quickly that she was in a lot of trouble," Daisy's owner continues.


 [A photo of Daisy laying down on the floor appears. Words overlay the image that read “Daisy was admitted to the ICU at the OVC with heat stroke”.] 


[Dr. Shane Bateman narrates.]Daisy came to visit us like many patients on hot summer days.”  


[Dr. Alexa Bersenas (DVM, MSc, DACVECC Emergency and Critical Care Specialist, OVC) is shown wearing surgical scrubs and a stethoscope in an exam room while speaking.]  

Most of those patients need to be ventilated for two, three, four days," Dr. Bersenas says. 

[Dr. Shane Bateman (DVM, DVSc, DACVECC Emergency and Critical Care Specialist, OVC) is shown wearing a white lab coat and a stethoscope while speaking.] 

She had a lot of invasive and very serious medical supports in place.”  


[A photo of Daisy being petted appears on the screen. The photo transitions to Daisy's owners sitting together on a couch at home.] 


“They were doing everything that they possibly could to help Daisy. Immediately we felt like we were in good hands," Daisy's owner says. 


[A photo of OVC’s Intensive Care Unit is shown with four kennels, two of which have patients inside. A ventilator and patient monitoring equipment are shown towards the left of the kennels. Words overlay the image that read “Daisy spent 10 days in the ICU on a ventilator”.] 


[Daisy's owner narrates over a photo of Daisy laying down on a carpet. The photo cuts to the camera zooming in on an empty grey, cheetah print dog bed.] 

It wasn’t until later on that it kind of set in that she might never come home.” 


[The scene transitions to Daisy's other owner speaking.] 

At that point it was trust them and hope for the best.” 


[Camera pans from left to right showing the front of the OVC Companion Hospital. Music intensifies. A cat is shown wrapped in fleece with a veterinary technician holding them. The camera pans away from the kennels to show a black dog with monitoring equipment in place on a table. Dr. Alexa Bersenas is shown in front of the dog and is wearing blue medical scrubs. The OVC ICU team is then shown tending to a cat and a veterinarian is listening to the heartbeat with a stethoscope.] 

[A dog is shown with a recovery cone on their neck along with bandaging wrapped along the left side of their head. The camera pans around the veterinary team at ground level in their medical scrubs and lab coats in the ICU. The following scene captures the same team at eye-level speaking to one another in the ICU.] 

[Dr. Shane Bateman narrates over the previous scenes and is pictured after.] “It’s incredibly important that we have the support of people who believe in what we are doing here.” 

[A veterinary team member is found holding a Yorkshire Terrier wearing an e-collar as another team member preps the patient’s leg with a piece of gauze. The camera then zooms in on the patient’s face. Dr. Alexa Bersenas is shown speaking to a group of individuals in the ICU. The camera pans from the connected ventilator up to the mouth of a Chocolate Labrador who is sedated and laying down in a hospital bed on a fleece blanket. The scene transitions to a veterinary technician wheeling in ventilation equipment. The camera pans to show a wall of kennels in the ICU with ventilation equipment attached. A team member is shown handling the equipment. A black dog with a bandaged leg is shown being walked by an animal care attendant in the hallway of the OVC Companion Animal Hospital in slow motion.] 

Donations are amazing for us – in fact, one of our ventilators was donated it's been hugely helpful we often times have patients onto two separate patients each on their own ventilator and that's been supporting us immensely.”  

[A photo of Daisy and her owner appears on the screen with a banner that reads “Daisy survived because of life saving care she received at the OVC”. The camera follows Daisy on a walk with her leash along with the rest of their family. This scene is shot at ground level. The camera pans up to show Daisy being walked by her family.]

Daisy's owner is narrating the scenes “It was kind of a reset as to, you know, what’s important in your life and where you spend your time, where you spend your money.”  

[A photo appears of Dr. Alexa Bersenas sitting on the floor with her colleagues, all wearing dark blue scrubs or white lab coat. The photo transitions to a picture of a cat on a table being held by a veterinary technician while a team member places an oxygen tube near the feline’s mouth. This transitions to a photo of a technician holding a notebook and looking up with two other members of her team along the side of the ICU. Labelled cupboards with supplies are shown above them.] 


Daisy's owner narrates over the photo “They were there to help Daisy and help us.”  


[A student veterinarian is shown holding a Dachshund dog in the ICU.  Music slows. A veterinary technician is shown with a kitten on her shoulder wrapped with gauze around their neck and belly.  A photo appears of Dr. Alexa Bersenas smiling at a colleague while holding the dachshund in her arms. Dr. Shane Bateman is shown in the ICU and smiles at the camera. A slow-motion video captures Daisy and her family outside looking into the camera and smiling.] 

What we usually talk about is the level of dedication of the people that work there. These people that dedicate their lives to helping animals," Daisy's owner says. 

[Scene fades to black with white bold lettering appearing on the screen reading: “20,000 COMPANION ANIMAL PATIENT VISITS TO OVC LAST YEAR”. This fades to words that read: “60% OF OUR PET PATIENTS ARE ADMITTED TO ICU”. The next scene reads “DONATE NOW HELP MORE PETS LIKE DAISY – SUPPORT CRITICAL CARE AT OVC”. The video ends with the OVC Pet Trust logo appearing in the center of the screen with the U of G cornerstone in the bottom left corner and the OVC Pet Trust website ( in the lower right corner of the screen. Music ends and lettering disappears.]