Transcript - Every Donation Matters

[Soft, instrumental music plays. Words appear on a white screen that read “University of Guelph” on the top left corner of the screen and “Help the pets we love live longer, healthier lives.” in the lower left corner of the screen. White screen fades to a golden retriever dog looking through a glass door.] 


[The scene transitions to Dr. Brigitte Brisson and a golden retriever in an examination room at the Ontario Veterinary College. Dr. Brisson is shown wearing a white lab coat and stethoscope while petting the golden retriever. The camera pans from the wagging tail of the golden retriever, up to the dog’s head.] 


[Narrating these scenes is Dr. Jeffrey Wichtel, Dean of Ontario Veterinary College.] 

“Anytime that we can assist families with their pets when they get into medical difficulties is one which we feel very proud to do.” 


[Dr. Jeffrey Wichtel is shown speaking in the Dean’s Office.] 

Every animal that comes through the doors is important to us for that reason.”  


[The camera pans to Dr. Michelle Oblak petting a white and grey Scottish fold kitten while listening to their heartbeat with a stethoscope. The camera zooms in on the kitten laying on fleece in an open kennel.] 

[This is followed by Dr. Shane Bateman holding and examining a brown French bulldog in the Ontario Veterinary College Health Sciences Centre. The scene transitions to Dr. Jeffrey Wichtel speaking in an office.] 


“We have a campaign right now to improve and develop world-class anesthesia surgical facilities and the first ever minimally invasive surgical suite at a Canadian Veterinary College.” 


[Elise Wickett, Supervisor of Patient Care Services is narrating over the following scenes.] 


It’s an opportunity to revitalize the facility to continue to inspire people to do their best work.”  


[A clinician is shown observing diagnostic imaging of a canine spine on a monitor. The scene transitions to Dr. Brigitte Brisson petting a golden retriever after surgery. Two veterinary technicians are wearing surgical attire while working in a prep room.] 


[Dr. Brigitte Brisson is speaking in an operating room in front of a covered examination table. Diagnostic imaging of a patient is shown at the end of the table on two different monitor towers.] 


All of us here have had our research careers helped by donations that have gone to Pet trust.” 


[Dr. Shane Bateman, emergency and critical care specialist, is shown wearing a white lab coat in the OVC Health Sciences Centre. The background has veterinary supplies in blue containers towards the left of the screen with a wall of empty pet kennels on the right of the screen.] 


[The scene fades to a clip of Dr. Shane Bateman holding a brown French bulldog’s head while lifting the mouth to examine their teeth.] 

[A larger dog is shown laying on the floor while being petted by a veterinary team member.]  


Dr. Shane Bateman says: “A gift to OVC, what it really means -- is that it allows us to really push boundaries and push barriers.” 


[Dr. Tom Gibson, a veterinary surgeon is speaking over the following scenes. The camera pans to the entrance of the OVC Companion Animal Hospital. A bulldog is shown laying on a fleece blanket in an examination room on the floor while a clinician monitors the heart rate with a stethoscope. The dog’s left paw is wrapped in a yellow elastic bandage with tubing attached for fluid administration.] 


Dr. Tom Gibson says: “The space will allow us to remain on the cutting edge and at the forefront of veterinary medicine throughout the world as well as in North America.” 


[Dr. Michelle Oblak, veterinary surgical oncologist is shown speaking in an examination room with a patient scan on a monitor attached to the wall.] 


I just am really excited for the opportunity to be involved in a facility like this,” Dr. Oblak says. 


[A bulldog is laying on the floor while being held by a clinician.] 

[Dr. Brigitte Brisson is speaking in an operating theatre. Diagnostic imaging is located behind the covered examination table on two monitors.] 


For us having a client who has had a good experience is absolutely essential,” Dr. Brisson says.  


[Dr. Brigitte Brisson is wearing a white lab coat and is shown smiling and petting a black and brown dachshund dog in front of kennels.]  


[Dr. Michelle Oblak is sitting on the floor speaking to a veterinary team member who is comforting a patient. Patient monitoring equipment is plugged in behind them.]  

[A Scottish fold kitten is looking directly into the camera while being held by a clinician.] 


[Dr. Michelle Oblak is speaking in an examination room.] 


If I have been able to provide them with either information or with some success or a successful surgery or a better quality of life -- that’s really the goal for me,” Dr. Oblak says.  


[A long-haired cat is being held by a veterinary technician and a clinician on the left caps off a syringe and mixes the medication.] 


[A clinician is crouched on the floor in surgical scrubs while monitoring the heart rate of a golden retriever with a stethoscope. The dog is shown with a cleanly clipped stomach region and bandages wrapped along the abdomen.]  


[The camera pans across unfocused veterinary equipment in the foreground. A dog is in the background wagging its tail on an examination table. The veterinary team adjusts the dog’s positioning for examination.] 


[Dr. Shane Bateman is speaking in the OVC Health Sciences Centre.] 


The opportunities that we had to help, to provide support, fill us with the drive to keep doing that work as we go on,” Dr. Bateman says. 


[Music slows. Screen fades to a clip of a dog panting with their tongue out.] 

[University of Guelph cornerstone is shown in the top left corner of the screen. Text appears on the right reading “Every donation matters. Give today.” along with the OVC Pet Trust logo and website URL]