Transcript - We Improve Life for Pets and the People Who Love Them

[Sentimental, soft music plays. Words appear on a black screen that read: “Our pets bring us comfort. Our pets bring us laughter. Our pets bring us joy.”]

[A Golden Retriever patient is laid down on a mat and prepared for chemotherapy with two veterinary technicians in a treatment room at the Mona Campbell Centre for Animal Cancer.]

[A student performs research in laboratory.]

[A veterinary surgeon performs an operation.]

[Music slows. Words appear over the surgeon in the operating room that read: “We are here for those moments when they can’t.” Close-up of an older black dog’s face.]

[Music intensifies. A veterinarian and a pet owner sit together in an exam room while the veterinarian shows a diagnostic imaging scan on a computer display to the client. Words appear over the scene that read: “We speak when they can’t.”]

[A veterinarian wearing a stethoscope listens to a patient’s heart and lungs with her eyes closed. Words appear over the scene that read: “We listen.”]

[A veterinary neurologist wearing a white lab coat speaks to two student veterinarians. Words appear over the scene that read: “We teach.”]

[The same student who was performing research in a lab is shown again, the lights are dimmed and it appears to be nighttime. Words appear over the scene that read: “And we stay through the night.” A close-up of the scientific research the student is performing. Words appear over the scene that read: “We discover.”]

[Another student in the same laboratory pulls up results on a computer. Words appear over the scene that read: “We help.”]

[A veterinary oncologist performs a physical exam on a Golden Retriever patient in a treatment room in the cancer centre. Words appear over the scene that read: “We care.”]

[A researcher in a laboratory settings looks into a microscope. Words appear over the scene that read: “We innovate.”]

[A veterinary ophthalmologist uses a device to look into her Labrador Retriever patient’s eyes in a hospital exam room. Words appear over the scene that read: “We see what they can’t.”]

[A Bernese Mountain Dog is shown performing water therapy in a rehabilitation pool, as a veterinary technician in immersed in the water beside the dog, guiding her in treatment. Words appear over the scene that read: “We push.”]

[A razor trims the hair on the leg of a Golden Retriever patient who is being prepared for chemotherapy treatment. The dog looks at the camera and smiles, as one technician holds her and the other technician prepares a syringe to insert into the dog’s IV catheter, undoing the cap and administering the medication. Words appear over the scene that read: We try… And we try again.”]

[Another Golden Retriever patient is wheeled into the front doors of the OVC Companion Animal Hospital on a gurney, held and being comforted by his owner and a triage veterinary technician. It is night time and the music softens. Words appear over the scene that read: “We push the boundaries of what’s possible.”]

[Music intensifies as a veterinary technician pushes a crash cart down the hospital hallway. A sign lights up that reads ‘X-Ray In Use’. The pet owner who brought her dog into the hospital on a gurney sits and anxiously waits with a cup of coffee in her hands in the hospital waiting room. A surgeon is in the process of scrubbing into surgery – his hands are put under running water outside the operating room. The same technician is seen running down the hospital hallway with the emergency crash cart. Music intensifies even more and the urgency is escalating. A radiologist with a serious and somber demeanour is seen examining a CT scan with a technician in a dark room. The same surgeon preparing for surgery puts on his gloves and ties his gown, getting ready to enter the sterile operating room. The technician in the dark room points to the CT scan on the computer screen with the radiologist. The surgeon takes a deep breath before pushing his way into the operating room.]

[Music rapidly escalates as the surgeon enters the operating room and a flurry of activity occurs. The lights are adjusted as a team of surgeons are already operating on their patient on the table.  Everyone is wearing scrubs, gloves, gowns and sterile attire as the team works furiously to help the animal on the table. Close-ups of surgical instruments and monitors are showcased as the patient’s medical chart is updated. Vital signs are monitored as the team works together.]

[A new scene in the cardiology department shows a diagnostic test being performed, as the veterinary cardiologist points to a screen, students comfort the dog that is laying down on the gurney in their care. Conversation occurs between the cardiology team who is seated around their patient, administering the imaging. A student holds the head of the dog patient, who looks at the camera with his tongue out.]

[Another German Shepherd dog patient is donating blood with his owner and three technicians surrounding her, as the blood donation is underway. A bag of blood is placed on the table in the exam room. A technician holds the paws of the dog patient, comforting her.]

[A cat patient is wheeled into the treatment room to receive radiation therapy with a linear accelerator, while a team of four veterinary professionals prepare him. The cat is shown receiving targeted treatment from the impressive equipment.]

[Music slows and eventually resolves as the Golden Retriever patient who received chemotherapy is escorted back to the waiting room by a technician and reunited with her owner. The dog’s tail wags as her owner happily greets her, asking the technician how she did. The technician replies that “she did really well”.]

[Screen fades to black as white words appear over the scene that read: We improve life for pets and the people who love them. Join us.”]

[Animated paw prints reveal the OVC Pet Trust logo and the text: “Supporting the work of the Ontario Veterinary College.”]

[Music softly fades and the U of G Improve Life logo close the video.]